Let Go Now

Today if you are feeling sad be still and travel within. Unbury the darkness and let it wash over you without fear so you can release it and let the light shine into those dark places. Observe your emotions without judgement, let them be, you feel how you feel, there is nothing right or wrong about it, it just is. If tears come, let them, if pain comes, let it. This pain only means you are alive, and human. Accept your suffering and its lessons and in your acceptance allow yourself to be renewed and healed. Let your burdens go, let your restless mind be stilled, let your heart settle into calmness….don’t waste any more time…let go now.


Know yourself

Know yourself. If you know yourself all your thoughts and actions will spring from the authenticity of your true self. All things will be correct and in harmony. Listen to that small voice inside your heart that tells you that all things are connected, and that true loving comes from first knowing and loving yourself. Let your own original beauty and truth shine out into the world in the way it only can from you. Release yourself from judgment and give yourself permission to follow the direction of the truth of your heart and spirit, free from fear. What you are and what you have to bring to the world is yours alone. Own it. Embrace it. Celebrate it.